Spring 2024, Białystok

Podlaskie Economic Forum

The Podlaskie Economic Forum is an international conference for the development of Eastern Poland and economic cooperation. The second edition of the event is divided into thematic blocks focusing on business and science, international cooperation, economic challenges, start-ups, export-related issues, and an overview of the “Agricultural Valley” ecosystem. The Forum will span 17 panel discussions, Q&A sessions, networking meetings, as well as presentations from partners and sponsors in the exhibition section.

PEF - thematic blocks

Business and science

Research is an essential element of modern economies . It’s difficult to imagine companies operating in, for example, the high-tech or biotechnology sectors without in-house teams of researchers. However, cooperation between universities and businesses encounters many barriers and, in practice, can be quite difficult. Perhaps the biggest barrier is both parties’ attitudes: scientists are often afraid of market verification, while entrepreneurs have limited trust in science. Can this be changed? What should the commercialisation of scientific knowledge and technology look like? Will artificial intelligence make a substantial difference to the economy? Join us for a panel discussion on the collaboration between business and science.

International cooperation

In 2022, the Podlaskie Economic Forum focused on economic cooperation between Poland and East Asia. In 2024, Eastern themes will also dominate, but with an emphasis on Poland’ s closest neighbours , such as Belarus and Ukraine. The situation in Eastern Europe raises many concerns. When will Polish-Belarusian relations return to normal? Who will benefit from the recovery of the Ukrainian economy and what role will Polish companies play in it? We invite you to participate in panel discussions devoted to the future of Belarus and Ukraine, as well as the image of Poland in the context of events taking place outside of the European Union.

The Exporters’ Forum

Foreign trade is a crucial factor in economic development and influences the wealth of the people of any country. According to the World Trade Organization, Poland is ranked the 24th and 20th largest exporter of goods and services, respectively. Each region of Poland has enterprises that, thanks to international trade, creates well-paid jobs. At the turn of 2024, the Podlasie Exporter Centre will be established to support the foreign expansion of SMEs over the next five years. How do you succeed in foreign markets? Where can you find support? We invite you to participate in panel discussions on the export of goods and services.

StartUP Podlaskie

In 2023, the European Commission, in its Regional Innovation Scoreboard report, for the first time categorized the Podlaskie Voivodeship as an “ emerging innovator+”. For several years, the region’s position in the European innovation ranking has constantly improved , thanks to which Podlaskie has overtaken economically stronger voivodeships, such as Śląskie and Wielkopolskie. Does the growth of the region and the country’s position on the technological map of the world depend on the development of start-ups? How to effectively support young, innovative companies, and in which sectors can Poland be a global player? Join us for panel discussions on start-up funding, deeptech and gaming.

Economic challenges

Modern economies are an interlinked system that allows for the rapid transfer of innovative products and new technologies. At the same time, the system fosters conditions for the spread of undesirable phenomena. A crisis in one part of the world can quickly spread to another part of the globe. In the 21st century, we have already witnessed financial crises, epidemics, trade and kinetic wars. Have we learned the lessons of the recent past, and what lies ahead in the near future? How to prevent crises? Join us for panel discussions on the challenges of today’s world.

Agricultural Valley

In the coming decades, the development of the agri-food sector will be determined by the demographic and climatic changes taking place. The focus will be on food security for different regions of the world. Poland’s position in this field is stable, but staying still means risking losing the competitive edge. What technologies should we develop? Are precision farming, functional foods, alternative protein sources and personalized nutrition the right directions? What should be our focus? Join us for panel discussions on the deeptech and gaming sectors.


1st Podlaskie Economic Forum

The Forum was the largest event in Poland dedicated to economic cooperation with Asian countries. The two-day (11-12.10) conference in Podlaskie’s capital was attended by entrepreneurs and diplomats from Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

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