Junsik Yoon

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Yoon Group

In 2006 Junsik Yoon graduated from Republic of Korea Army Engineer School with a Master’s degree in Military Science. In 2009 he graduated with an Architectural Engineering Master from the Sungkyunkwan University. Junsik Yoon began his career from working in LG Display between 2009 and 2013. Establishing YOON Group company in Wrocław in 2013 was a milestone in his life. YOON Group company started it’s brilliant development from Odra Tower concept design in Poland, through design and construction works for Germany (Gerresheimer Factory), Slovakia and Czech Republic (office buildings). Since 2016 up to now, thanks to him and his employees hard work and innovative thinking, YOON Group has been getting the biggest Korean clients like LG Chem, LG Electronics, LS EV, SK Innovation, for design and construction projects.

Privately Junsik Yoon is a dedicated husband and fulfilled father of four children with a passion for racing cars and football.