Marek Siergiej

CEO, Chairman of the Board Promotech

Marek Siergiej is 66 years old and is from Białystok. He studied at the Białystok University of Technology, and after graduation, he ran his own business. He has experience in cooperation with international concerns, incl. with Swedish Frigascandia and American FMC – manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the food industry. For 15 years he has been the president of the board at Promotech in Białystok; before that, for 4 years he was the president of the Białystok company Biazet SA. He is also a member of supervisory boards of many other companies.

Marek Siergiej is married to Elżbieta, an English teacher, and has a daughter Katarzyna – an actress in the Wierszalin theater in Supraśl.

He knows two foreign languages ​​(English and Russian), in his free time he likes gardening or reading, he likes to spend holidays in warm countries, and he prefers swimming in sports.